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So you're a cycle breaker...

Liberation has never felt so good until, boundaries?

Have you recognized patterns come up in your life and have this eerie familiar feeling? Like you have seen the movie being played, not being completely satisfied with the ending, knowing you can change it deep down but not ever being able to successfully re-writing it? Maybe it took some time to recognize this pattern or behavior.. Maybe there was a repetitive scenario that kept showing up in your life and then after the 10th time, you may have some frustrations and think 'SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE OR ELSE".. Then you have this AH HA moment, a flood of memories come in to show you.. the reason this is familiar? You're family has been in these cycles for generations. And if we take it a step further, society has been in these "cycles" for years, "normalizing" NO self awareness/connection, limited view points, survival mode, scarcity, pain and suffering. In reality, this list goes on and on, for the sake of not being long winded, I'll keep it shorter while still making a impactful point and encourage my readers to use their own open mind to recognize where some of these societal dys-FUCK-tions are hiding in plain sight :)

We have this innate power that lives in each and everyone of us. We got lost along the way. It is hard to understand how to connect back to it because we live in a world that thrives on us being powerless and a cog in the wheel of imprisonment. We are waking up to the true potential and power, but what do we do with it? How does it work? Where is life going? Why is there so much pain? Why are we feeling this way? Why are there so many why's? To all of those whys, there is an answer. You. You are the answer. Your embodiment of all elements of self, is the answer. You are awaking to understanding a deeper meaning of not only life but what you are willing to accept now and what you are NOT going to tolerate. You're understanding that you don't have to people please, be nice-nice to keep peace, sacrifice your values because you're told its "the right thing to do", that you have the ability to think, feel, and express your true self and that it is now safe to do those things. This leads to an array of thoughts, emotions and feelings that come up in the psyche causing some confusion. We are not taught how to recognize that confusion, instead were taught to be afraid of it and it causes more limitations to self growth and movement.

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