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April is gifted in helping her clients resolve inner conflicts to make the changes they desire.  Mutual insight provides clarity for peace and radical movement. Clearing mental clutter and emotional baggage gives a freedom to reframe our past and shape our future in ways we could never previously imagine and allows us to create the life we want to live.



Shining light on outworn belief systems allows people to reclaim their authentic self. By creating and guarding a safe place together, we tune into specific energies to approach change with a gentle kindness, a light hearted joy, and expansive awareness to process emotions and create lasting transformations.

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Over the two years I have worked with April, she has always put me first, she has helped me find my highest purpose, and she supports me so that I can live into my truest and best self.


When I first started working with April almost two years ago, I was medicated for depression, I was withdrawn and sometimes even felt hopeless.  All my energy went into succeeding at work, and I had little left for the rest of my life.  Today, I am a different person.  I can count my many accomplishments and people who know me are sometimes surprised at the positive changes in my life.  I have a new job, I am learning and growing, and I am still working toward living into my best and highest self.  I am more clear about my feelings and more honest with myself and in my relationships.



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Her teaching concerning empowered self healing helps you activate your Light Body and DNA which allows you to reach a high level of communication with all Beings in your life.  This cellular change allows your ancestors and loved ones to also heal.  She opens doors I never knew existed within me.  She extends a helping hand and kindness to support you wherever you are in your journey.  She releases old belief systems that have been obstacles to reclaiming your authentic wisdom.  I simply feel better in her presence. - D.K.




April is honest, objective, and puts her highest energy into every interaction we have.  She lets me know, gently and clearly, when I need to keep listening, even though I might not want to.  That is usually when the revelation is right around the corner, and she wants me to get it!



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"I have had prayer partners, spiritual mentors, friends and confidants.  April is different.  She tunes in to me, to my energy, and helps me recognize and deal with emotional turmoil.  I trust her to help me see obstacles that keep me from moving forward, and to support me as I work toward my life goals.


April is at once objective and fiercely protective of me - I trust her."


Ray of Light
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